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How level is your halo right now?

Gemma Harding

Let’s be honest, we could all do with living purer lives and you know what they say, “If you cleanse the body, you cleanse the soul.”

Purify, the green queen in our range can do that blindfolded. Chockablock with chlorophyll rich leafy greens and cleansing cucumber chunks, Purify is hands down a detoxifying winner. Is it time to clean up your act?

All Dressed Up & Ready To Go!

Gemma Harding

As shapely as our naked bottles are, we felt it was only right to retain their dignity and do the decent thing. Now they are labelled up to the nines and ready to hit the town!

Harriet The Super Brander has waved her magic wand and pulled off a design feat with more than a little zest. Now we just need to fill these babies up!

Shake It Baby

Gemma Harding

You should meet our farmer. He is a real hunk of brawn who, despite his apparent need for a mini mani, is constantly planting to meet our demand. What a guy! His goodies ensure that our juice is the purest it can be.

The real deal – 100% natural. We wouldn’t settle for anything less, and nor should you. In fact, as a general rule, you should only settle for juice that settles.

All natural juice separates – this is what shows its authenticity. So you know what to do people – shake like you’ve never shaked before…shake the hell out of your juice…shake it like a Polaroid picture…


Have you met Lynsey?

Gemma Harding

Lynsey Mentier

Lynsey has joined the NJC team as our Nutrition Specialist.

Lynsey would love to wear harem pants and live on a self-contained vegan commune but there would be nowhere to plug in her hair straighteners.

In the real world Lynsey can be found floating around her tumbling down cottage in a haze of Cacharel and raw cacao dreaming of Tokyo and feeding her manga and anime habit. 

Lynsey has her hands full balancing her twin boys, her two furry babies and her guilty indulgence, eating peanut butter straight from the jar - but lets keep that between you and I.

Harriet The Super Brander

Gemma Harding

Harriet of Aesop is literally a living, breathing ideas generator - a true creative, through-and-through. Every brand has a story and, with more than a pinch of patience on her behalf, Harriet really is bringing ours to life. Between branding, Harriet finds the time to whip up woolen creations that are being snapped up by fashionistas faster than she can knit. A very busy bee.

You may have to wait a little longer but we can’t wait to show you her work. Harriet really is transforming NJC, helping us to inject a little more fun and personality into the juicing industry.  

Theres no doubt about it, Harriet makes us look good!

Alice? Who the flax is Alice?

Gemma Harding

After endless pressing, blending and whirling (not to mention a very colourful mess in our kitchens) we finally got our juices approved and signed off by London’s leading Nutrition Consultant Alice Mackintosh.

A self-professed science geek who grew up in Hong Kong, Alice studied the nitty-gritty for 6 years and now consults from London’s Harley Street.

Alice is somewhat of a personality within the health industry both in front of the camera and between the sheets of the glossy magazines, as well as being a sort after speaker for health events and campaigns.

A fitness and food fanatic herself, Alice is regularly found treading the streets of London after an early morning spin class sipping on her Purify juice – always tailored with an extra shot of ginger.

Alice is so impressed with our juice blends and their impact on health and well being that she has jumped on board as our resident Nutrition Guru. What an honour! Welcome to our crazy juicing world Alice.

Special Delivery

Gemma Harding

After so many juicy deliveries, we are now on first name terms with our postie. 

Today he delivered his greatest delivery so far…the piece de resistance… the daddy of all deliveries…

Yes, after weeks of thumb twiddling and anxious pacing, our eagerly awaited Norwalk juicer finally arrived. Imported from the US, the Norwalk juicer is the Holy Grail of all juicers. It hardly needs an introduction except to say that it produces the purest juice known to man. Admittedly you can’t wear The Norwalk like a Chanel handbag but from a health perspective it’s this seasons must-have.

Oh and his name is Marty in case you were wondering.

Get To Know Us Better

Gemma Harding

Gemma is a human whirlwind of manicures, Miu Miu and maca powder, who leaves a trail of chia seeds in her wake. On her travels, Gemma has picked up a preference for pesto, a weakness for duck down and an inability to pack lightly.

In her hometown of Brighton, Gemma is a yummy mummy to Sienna. While Sienna naps Gemma morphs into a domestic goddess intent on fuelling her family with foods that grow from the ground or fall from the trees. Come rain or shine, every morning the Harding family awake to the whir of the juicer.

Gemma’s flair for super food juices quickly developed a fast following & have led her on a quest to deliver liquid health across the land.

Gemma is a true green warrior in dangerously high Louboutin heels.

Time to Tickle Those Taste Buds

Gemma Harding


Wowza! We must’ve tasted hundreds - and we mean hundreds - of different juice blends over the last six months – some might say we have become slightly obsessed. Now its time to focus on our exact product range – cheers to that! Clink Clink!

Taste testing is officially under way, we want to make sure that our power juices taste as cool as they look. Every single bottle is jam packed with vibrant organic produce and high-density super foods – but the big question is… do they taste good?

If you have a discerning pallet and you fancy getting your juice funk on with our Nutrition Gurus, we would love to hear from you before we sign these babies off. 

We’re turned on.

Gemma Harding

Fanfare starts up, fireworks explode, rapturous applause … Hello and welcome to the new Natural Juicing Company blog.

Here’s where you’ll find everything about NJC – from fresh juice updates to the life and times of all of us - yes, we are a bunch of wildly interesting people.

 Along the way, we’ll try to make this blog a touch more interesting to read than your blender’s user manual. So bookmark this blog, email to a friend and let us keep you juiced you up on life at NJC. Of course, we’d love to hear your feedback on NJC — so don’t be shy, be social and connect with us.