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Alice? Who the flax is Alice?

Gemma Harding

After endless pressing, blending and whirling (not to mention a very colourful mess in our kitchens) we finally got our juices approved and signed off by London’s leading Nutrition Consultant Alice Mackintosh.

A self-professed science geek who grew up in Hong Kong, Alice studied the nitty-gritty for 6 years and now consults from London’s Harley Street.

Alice is somewhat of a personality within the health industry both in front of the camera and between the sheets of the glossy magazines, as well as being a sort after speaker for health events and campaigns.

A fitness and food fanatic herself, Alice is regularly found treading the streets of London after an early morning spin class sipping on her Purify juice – always tailored with an extra shot of ginger.

Alice is so impressed with our juice blends and their impact on health and well being that she has jumped on board as our resident Nutrition Guru. What an honour! Welcome to our crazy juicing world Alice.