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Having sown its seeds in the nutrient rich soils of Malawi, The Natural Juicing Company, founded by Gemma Harding, emerged from the most exotic set of circumstances. 

After years of attending the same school in Brighton and yet never actually meeting, Gemma and James were finally introduced (at a funeral of all places!) and two years later married in Portofino, Italy. They took the unusual decision to volunteer for a charity in Malawi for four months to celebrate their honeymoon. Four months quickly turned into two and a half years as the couple became involved in projects to help the local community - James set to work on building a school using his civil engineering background, and beautician Gemma set up a beauty training school to educate the local women in the trade.

But the one thing health conscious Gemma was unconvinced about was the water. Inspired by the fresh produce, she started juicing fruits and vegetables to keep herself and her husband hydrated. "Where we were in Africa, the water wasn't always great to drink, but there was an abundance of fruit so I just started juicing whatever I could lay my hands on out there, adding delicious, ripe blended mangos to everything!”

Eventually the pair returned home to Brighton for James to do an MBA at London Business School, but Gemma started to miss her natural juices from Africa. "When we came back, I didn't want to stop juicing but I just couldn’t get my juices to taste as pure as they had in Africa. So I invested in a Norwalk juicer - and voila!"

In 2013, with newborn Sienna in tow, Gemma, the biggest advocate for cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices, capitalised on her flair for business and set to work on The Natural Juicing Company.

Gemma is a human whirlwind of manicure, Miu Miu and maca powder, who leaves a trail of chia seeds in her wake. On her travels, Gemma has picked up a preference for pesto, a weakness for duck down and an inability to pack lightly.

In her hometown of Brighton, Gemma is a yummy mummy to Sienna & Maya. While the babies nap Gemma morphs into a domestic goddess intent on fuelling her family with foods that grow from the ground or fall from the trees. Come rain or shine, every morning the Harding family awake to the whir of the juicer.

Gemma’s flair for superfoods quickly developed a fast following and have led her on a quest to deliver liquid health across the land.

Gemma is a true green warrior in dangerously high Louboutin heels. 

Enlisting the help of friends with design and branding experience, Gemma worked on recipes in her home kitchen. Aware of the occasional negativity that surrounds juicing as a meal replacement, Gemma ensured that every drink was scientifically inspected by The Natural Juicing Company’s 'nutrition guru' – Alice Mackintosh, who assessed each product for the right balance of vitamins, minerals and superfoods, ensuring the juices maintain the balance that the body craves.  Gemma’s main concern was making sure both her and her customers could trust that the product was pure goodness with nothing added and nothing taken away.

A staunch supporter of backing small businesses, Gemma was also adamant that the fruit and vegetables crammed into every bottle are sourced locally, and that orders are delivered to customers in eco friendly packaging.

With bouncing baby Maya now part of the party, the future looks bright and juicy for the NJC team who are busy concocting creative plans for expanding their product range and engaging you in the juicing revolution. Let's all raise a bottle of juice to that!